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* Microsoft Releases First Quarter Results for Fiscal Year 1997

The company announces record first-quarter revenues and income. Continuing success of Windows 95 and Windows NT accelerate earnings growth to 22%.

* Download Content Replication Server

Microsoft Content Replication System provides organizations that need to publish Web content with the most reliable, secure, and efficient way to move content across the Web.

* Be First to Get Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition Plus Other Tools and Technologies.

Attend Microsoft's Site Builder Conference Oct. 28-30 in San Jose and be among the first to get the latest Visual Basic 5.0 Control Creation Edition, "Internet Studio," over 20 beta versions of products plus much more

* Sign Up for Future Beta Releases of Denali!

Explore exciting new ways to create powerful web-based applications. Tour the Denali demo and register for future beta releases today!


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Serving more than 1 million residents, the Phoenix (Ariz.) Fire Department needed a reliable communications system that connected caller and emergency dispatcher within seconds. A Microsoft-based solution is delivering that reliability.

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