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A Federal judge ruled late Thursday that Microsoft must stop forcing PC makers to bundle IE with Windows 95. But the judge stopped short of finding the company in contempt. ZDNN has the latest developments.

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Computer criminals can't hide
Eight nations have pledged to eradicate safe havens for digital criminals. Does the virtual posse mark the end of the Internet�s Wild West? ZDTV has the coverage.

Cell phones go digital
ZD Equip examines the new generation of digital cell phones -- including PCS phones you'll flip over.

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PC Labs reviews nine image-editing software packages, priced at $100 or less, that don't require the skills of a professional artist.

Digital digs: The wired home
Put your home on the cutting edge of technology with Windows Sources' practical, cost-saving tips for big-screen TVs, digital imaging and home networks.

Science fiction online
Yahoo! Internet Life boldly goes where no Net magazine has gone before, with the ultimate guide to science fiction sites.

Powerful, affordable home PCs
PC Labs tests 17 PCs designed for the home, plus three systems priced at under $1,000.

Frank Sinatra's Web
December 12 marks the 82nd birthday of Frank Sinatra. YIL reminds us it's Frank's Web, we just live in it.

Thursday, December 11
Last updated December 11, 1997 07:24:40 PM PT
BULLETIN: Judge bars Microsoft link on software, browser
AOL expands Web push
NCs vs. Windows: the debate continues
Internet ad growth slows
Investor PM: stocks keep sliding
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