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You've entered the web's premier Quake site, dedicated to providing the hottest news, the most in demand software, and the biggest hype to Quake players around the world!

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  • What's New -
    The latest news, you'll hear it here first! Want to know why all the other pages point to us? We're the great granddaddy of all other news pages (That means we've been around a long time). Plus, we're rarely wrong on upcoming rumors! [s ic]
  • File Area -
    One of the largest (if not the largest) file areas on the web or net in general. Pretty much every Quake related file out there can be found in our files area. If you have anything you'd like us to add, upload it to ming and we'll throw it on.
  • Clan Stomped -
    All new, and powered by FP Gaming's Assassin 3D, Clan Stomped will be the clan to beat. Most of our members are webmasters here at Stomped, and we love to Quake! Come challenge us, and see if you can withstand the force that is Stomp ed!
  • Servers -
    Want to find some people to frag? Check our server list. Updated every ten minutes, this list'll tell you were the action is. You can also access the same info by fingering or telneting to and logging in as servers.
  • Quake Links -
    No web site is an island, and Stomped is no exception... Visit some of the Quake sites in our extensive list of information pages and file mirrors. Just make sure you come back now, you hear! We really don't know why you would leave in the first place, but so be it.
  • Q & A -
    You've got questions? Well, we've got FAQs, so don't dispair! Not only that, but we're even partially organized; Imagine that. If only we'd put this much effort into school. Now, that would be impressive.
  • Tips & Tricks -
    Paint the fence, Danielson! Learn tips from the masters of Quake. The object is to kill, and not be killed. If that sounds confusing, you'll just have to read on to partake in the thrill of the hunt, and the post homicidal depression th at is Quake DM!
  • The Console -
    What the heck is that drop down thingy for? We know, and if you don't bother us about it, we'll share our knowledge with you. We have a complete list of console commands and variables, and what they'll do. Don't cry to us if the FBI com es to your house to arrest you for unlawful carnal knowlege, however.
  • Quake Editing -
    You've played the levels, you've conquered Shub; What more is there to do? Create you own levels, and your spiffy new registered Quake will not go to waste. There's a bunch of editors out there. Let us help you make sense of 'em.
  • Quake 'Bots -
    Tired of slow modem ping times for deathmatch play? Interested in artificial intelligence for its own sake? Visit the "Official DeathMatch'Bot Homepage" to learn more about the ongoing projects to bring human-like behavior to artificial DM opponents.
  • Screen Shots -
    Never seen Quake? Played it 24/7 for the past month? Either way, you'll see something new on our screen shots page. Interesting shots are our speciality. You'll just have to look to understand.
  • Performance -
  • Monsters -
  • Look here to see how your machine compares to others. Time to upgrade? It might be, when you see how fast your opponents' machines are. Post your own results if you wish, or donate to the "Buy Jason a PPro" fund.
    You've probably seen 'em already, but it's doubtful that you got this close to them without them carving you a new anal oriface. If you only have the shareware, this may be your only chance to see the registered monsters. They're bigger , badder, and you should really register, because they know where you live.
  • For Newbies -
    What's Quake... You mean you have to ask? Well, you'd better learn fast, or you'll be toast. Ogre's don't take well to newbies. Luckily, we're going to lend you a helping hand. Learn all about Quake, more than you'd ever want to know.
  • Webmasters -
    This site is maintained by a small group of people, all addicted to Quake. This is where we pay homage to the wonder workers of Stomped.
  • Need the attention of the gamers? Advertise on Stomped!
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