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The leading dictionary of Internet terms. This site contains a comprehensive listing of hundreds of words which are emerging as a new vocabulary surrounding the technology and community of the World Wide Web. To start your search click on the above menu bar.

In addition to the dictionary, Net Lingo also features it's own interface to the Web by providing direct access to the richest resources found on the Internet. Use Net Lingo as your starting point by making it your home page. The best and latest info is always here and what you don't see you can ask for on the Linguistics Message Board!

The Net Lingo Pocket DictionaryTM is here! Keep it with you on your desktop to refer to when you come across terms you want to learn more about.

Interface to the Web

java you have heard about but do you really know what it is

news & information
The best places on the Internet to get up to the minute Internet news & information. These sites have been chosen for their excellent coverage and refreshing approach to layout and design.

software & tools
The best places to get started building your own Web site, as well as tips from other Web site developers and designers. The best and latest Internet software is and where to get it! also the best Netscape and Explorer plugins.

search engines
Tired of trying to figure out what was supposed to be made easier? Here the top 10 search engines and directories are explained with tips on how to perform a successful search.

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