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Here is a picture of myself and my good friend Joe Piscipo.

I have been involved with the Internet for approximately 10 months now, and I am currently doing technical support for one of the larger service providers in America. I have been married for almost two years now, and though we do not have children, we do have two cats, Girlfriend and Dood and a part-Akita/Part-Shephard mix named Jack.

I have been using the Internet mostly to access information about my favorite car, the Mazda Miata. I currently drive a '90 crystal white Miata with 102,000 miles on it. It needs a tune up! I've also grabbed a bunch of GIFs of Mazda Miatas and Datsun 510s off the Internet. My IP doesn't give me enough online space for a very large library, so below will be some links to these sights. Also, check out the links to The Temple of The Geek and The CPU Primer Page. Ever wonder what the difference between a 386SX and a 486SX really was? This page will tell you.

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AP News Lycos Web SearchThe Temple of The Geek

Miata Net Datsun 510 Homepage

Star Trek Voyager Homepage Bugs Bunny Homepage

Lego Homepage James Bond Homepage

Stephen King Homepage

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I am also a huge Stephen King fan, and you can often find me hanging out at in the Stephen King newsgroup


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