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December 2, 1998
Virtua Fighter RPG Evolves - DC
Sega�s Yu Suzuki explains the genesis of Shien Mu, AKA Project Berkley, AKA Virtua Fighter RPG.

Drakan: Order of the Flame - PC
previews: The lead designer behind Surreal Software's Drakan fills us in on its gameplay.

N64 Caught in the Web - N64
news: Activision and Marvel team up to bring another popular super-hero to Nintendo 64.

First Info on Sony's Mysterious Kart Racer - PSX
news: The company hasn't announced it yet, but Sony will release a Mario Kart-style racer early next year.

Top Guns for Dreamcast - DC
news: Konami is bringing a mission-based flight sim to Sega�s new console.

Today's Content

Heavy Gear II - PC
previews: Activision takes another shot at establishing a new dynasty.

Dinosaur Hunting Season Opens - PC
news: New game from Wizard Works puts a weird twist on a popular genre.

Free Sin Fix from Activision - PC
news: Those who don't want to download a huge patch can get a free CD.

KISS Comic Becomes a Game - PC
news: Ex-Ion Storm employees will make Psycho Circus for Gathering of Developers.

First-Ever All-Star Tennis 64 Screens - N64
news: IGN64 serves up a bunch of screen-shots of the good-looking Ubi Soft tennis sim.

Pikachu Genki Dechu - N64
previews: Three new movies reveal some of Pikachu's Pokemon friends.

More Turok Slippage? - N64
news: It's set to ship on December 10 -- will Acclaim's dino-shooter make it out in time?

Xena's New Gem - N64
news: Titus picks a seasoned N64 developing team to deliver its Xena fighting game.

Mr. Domino - PSX
reviews: The little puzzler that could is a powerful game that'll blow your socks off if you can handle it.

IGN's Holiday Game Guide - PSX
news: Get in the spirit with our newly appended year-end shopping guide.

The Dirt on D.I.R.T. - PSX
news: Funcom's motocross racer is now without a publisher. Who will pick it up for release next year?

Midway Makes Waves - DC
news: Rumors suggest that a port of its powerboat racer coin-op, Hydro Thunder, is already in the works.

Nasty Nazi Shocker - DC
news: Atlus� new game looks really cool� but also highly controversial.

Strider Sequel DC-Bound? - DC
news: Arcade classic follow-up may hit Dreamcast by way of Naomi.

Another Holiday Guide Update!
news: This week features Top 10 Games to Buy for Someone You Hate, Games for Girlfriends, and Jaz Rignall's All-Time Top 10 games.

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Chakan: The Dreamcast Man
Is the ex-Genesis superhero on his way to DC?


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