Traffic analysis for World Wide Web servers
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Current version: 1.33

What is it and how does it work?

AccessWatch is a World Wide Web utility that provides a comprehensive view of daily accesses for individual users. It is equally capable of gathering statistics for an entire server. It provides a regularly updated summary of WWW server hits and accesses, and gives a graphical representation of available statistics. It generates statistics for hourly server load, page demand, accesses by domain, and accesses by host. AccessWatch parses the WWW server log and searches for a common set of documents, usually specified by a user's root directory, such as /~username/ or /users/username. AccessWatch displays results in a graphical, compact format. Here is an example of AccessWatch in use.

What do I need to run it?

AccessWatch is a Perl script for UNIX-style servers, and does not require cgi-bin directory or root access to operate. AccessWatch also runs on Windows NT, using Perl from the NT resource kit, or from Perl 5.0 or above is required, as is a NCSA common format access log on your server. A browser which is capable of displaying tables is preferred to view the results, although the output is presentable in text-only browsers. For regular updating, it is necessary to have the ability to use cron or another process scheduling program - ask your server administrator if you are not familiar with this. Memory requirements are usually very small, but can vary due to server load and total number of accesses.

Download AccessWatch You must read the Installation Instructions and License Agreement before use. Also, check out the fledgling AccessWatch FAQ. See the change log for version information. Mail me if you have suggestions for future versions.

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